Talisman Series 2013
As defined by the dictionary a Talisman is an “object held to act as a charm to avert evil andbring good fortune; something believed to have magical properties.”
I acquire, mostly, found objects which have no significance except for my conviction that they must hold a particular magic inherent to my existence. When beginning this series of drawings my goal was to in someway incorporate the “collection” of rocks, bones, fossils, shards of roof, bits of Spanish floor tiles, and other non-specific items into my work. The foundation for each piece in the Talisman series was initiated with a rubbing of an object from the “collection”. In the end these marks, represent human desire to integrate our physical and spiritual natures, with of course a hint of good fortune.

New Work 2012 
The light, the landscape, and the company that I kept during my summer residency at the Artist and Writers Retreat, La Muse, in Southern France served as the inspiration for this body of work. Initially I was energized by the strength and quality of the light in the region and directly saw its impact on my palette. Remnants of the landscape began to filter into the pieces while remaining undefined. Being in the company of writers enabled me to partake in the continual exchange of ideas, which ultimately fueled my creative process and influenced the use of language in my work. The fragments of narrative seen in the work are not meant to be read literally but rather are referencing a collective stream of consciousness. Equally as important are the abstracted marks made by the writing that adds an additional layer to the physicality of the pieces. Due to their support and encouragement I received during my residency, I would like to dedicate this exhibition of drawings to John Fanning and Kerry Eielson who had the vision to create La Muse, and to my fellow “musers.”
Wood and Glass 2009 
Referencing opposites, wood, in the images of trees and glass in the glazing of the, surface, I want to acknowledge the balance created by contradictions that are so central to our everyday existence; such as strength is to fragility, past is to present, and deliberate is to unconscious.
By building up the surface with oil, graphite and wax then scratching, sanding and wiping away, I attempt to create a relationship between the history of the process and the final layers in the pieces.

Show 2004
On paper I layer the surfaces of my pieces using gouache, chalk pastel, graphite, watercolor, and photographs I have taken. The pieces allude to concrete references within abstract divisions. Compositionally, the structure is broken into compartments. I view the compartments as separate "readings" which constitute the whole. Specific landscapes, implied landscapes, images and random mark making define the spaces. My intention is to present a narrative which is open to interpretation by the viewer.
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